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"FLOWER HEAD" Violet Variant Print

"FLOWER HEAD" Violet Variant Print

Flowerhead is a surreal and enigmatic creature that bestows an eerie gift upon unfortunate scorned lovers – a haunting bouquet of skulls. The origins of these skulls and how Flowerhead acquires them remain shrouded in mystery, much like the creature itself. Its abnormally large size, particularly when compared to the human skulls, adds to its otherworldly aura. Appearing and disappearing at will, it only leaves large burnt flower pedals behind. As for what comes next when an individual accepts its "gift," that too remains a mystery. 

This print is actually a variant of the original limited Flowerhead print, initially created back in 2020. The idea sprouted from a playful sketch where I replaced roses in a bouquet with human heads, and then the concept further evolved – what if we also swapped the gentlemen holding the Flowerhead? The result was an intriguing and amusing exploration that brought this illustration to life.

• 8"x10" size
• Canon Gicleé imagePROGRAF PRO-1000
60lb. Polar matte acid free paper

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