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Two distinct energies gracefully dance, seemingly separate yet intrinsically intertwined. As the sands of time flow, a subtle connection emerges, weaving threads of destiny between them. Spiraling around one another, an irresistible gravitational pull draws them closer, forming a poignant image of two lovers locked in an eternal embrace. And at the pinnacle of their entwined journey, they merge harmoniously, completing one another and transcending into a unified whole. 

This artwork was born from a surge of spontaneous energy, a burst of creativity aimed at crafting something unrestrained. I embarked on a journey of shaping forms, assembling them to construct larger shapes, all as a heartfelt tribute to my partner.

• 11"x17" size
• Canon Gicleé imagePROGRAF PRO-1000
60lb. Premium matte acid free paper

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