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"UNDER PRESSURE" Azure Variant Print

"UNDER PRESSURE" Azure Variant Print

Here lies a knight forever submerged in the depths of the ocean, maintaining a kneeling position with his sword firmly grasped. Over time, coral and barnacles have gradually claimed his rusty armor as their own, intertwining with the metal. Despite the passage of time, the knight clings to a long-forgotten oath, a testament to his unwavering commitment. Curious fish surround the knight and It's intriguing to ponder how this faceless warrior found himself in the dark corners of the sea.

This illustration was created during the height of the pandemic, when all my shows were canceled and many of my projects were put on hold or simply abandoned. The world felt incredibly chaotic during that time, and the constant uncertainty took a toll on me. This image emerged from that pressure, combining my passion for knights with the beauty of marine life. This piece was created in collaboration with Serif as part of its '100 Days. 100 Commissions' initiative in 2020.

• 13"x19" size
• Full bleed borderless print
• Canon Gicleé imagePROGRAF PRO-1000
60lb. Premium matte acid free paper

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